Become a Speed Up Energy Distributor

Welcome to the Speed Up Energy family! As an Indian-based manufacturer of premium energy drinks, we are excited to offer you the opportunity to become a distributor and join us in our mission to fuel the ambitions of people across the nation.


Welcome to VIPAHICA BAVERAGES, your ultimate companion for high-performance living. Born from the vibrant spirit of India, Speed Up Energy is dedicated to fueling your passions and propelling you towards your goals with our invigorating range of energy drinks. At Speed Up Energy, we understand the demands of modern life. Whether you’re an athlete pushing your limits, a professional striving for excellence, or an adventurer seeking new horizons, our mission is to provide you with the energy and focus you need to conquer every challenge.




Madhya Pradesh

Why Partner with Speed Up Energy?

Premium Products

Speed Up Energy is renowned for its high-quality energy drinks, crafted with carefully selected ingredients to provide a potent and refreshing boost.

Strong Brand Presence

With a rapidly growing presence in the Indian market, Speed Up Energy is a brand that consumers trust and love.

Marketing Support

As a distributor, you'll benefit from our marketing initiatives, including promotional materials, social media campaigns, and brand awareness efforts.

Exclusive Territories

We offer exclusive territories to our distributors, giving you the opportunity to capitalize on untapped markets and establish a strong presence in your region.

If you’re ready to take your business to new heights and become part of an exciting and dynamic industry, we invite you to join the Speed Up Energy distribution network. Together, we’ll fuel the ambitions of people across India and drive success for years to come.

Requirements for Distributors

Passion for Success

We're looking for enthusiastic individuals or organizations who are passionate about our brand and committed to achieving success.

Business Acumen

With a rapidly growing presence in the Indian market, Speed Up Energy is a brand that consumers trust and love.

Distribution Network

A well-established distribution network or the capability to build one is essential for successfully distributing Speed Up Energy products.


Distributors must adhere to all regulatory requirements and standards governing the distribution and sale of energy drinks in their region.

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